Communication arts studio

  • Communication Arts Studio Building

Fully equipped with instructional and learning equipment in all areas of production. Equipment compatible and equivalent with those used by the mass media industry and accessible by all enrolled students.

  • Television Production Studio

Fully equipped broadcast quality studio. Outdoor television production equipment is also available.


  • Radio Production Studios

Four fully equipped studios for radio production are available. These studios will also be available for use when online radio broadcast is implemented in the Communication program.

  • Photography Studio

​Fully equipped photography studio is available for offered taking photography courses.






  • Editing Suites

12 modern editing suites are available. Editing system is set up similarly to what is seen in the professional mass media sector. Through use of the equipment, students develop necessary skills so that they can perform as real professional upon graduation. 


  • Computer Lab

McIntosh-based laboratory is available for skill development in areas of print journalism, online journalism, and print advertising production.




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