Bachelor of Information Science Program in Communication

Bachelor of Information Science (Communication)

B.I.S. (Communication)


About the Program

In the current age of globalization, the Communication program emphasizes the development of mass media personnel who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to produce various types of media.  These media include printed matter and radio and television programs.  Graduates are expected to utilize their acquired knowledge and skills to respond to the changing world of communication that sees the realization of media convergence.  In addition, the Communication program recognizes the importance of thoroughly developing students to be ready to accept all of the challenges that might arise in their professional careers.  Upon graduation, these students will be knowledgeable and skillful in using modern hardware and software, as employed in the mass media industry for producing various types of media.

Career Opportunities

  • News reporters

  • News announcers

  • Moderators

  • Advertising personnel

  • Public relations personnel

  • Newspaper editorial positions

  • Magazine and online media positions

  • Producers of radio programs

  • Producers of television programs

Area of Research

  • International Communication

  • ASEAN Communication Study

  • Discourse Analysis

  • Media Policy

  • Public Broadcasting Study

  • Community Media research

  • Journalism

  • New media and public sphere

  • Media Literacy

Courses (44 Credits)

1) General Education 

10 credits
2) Specialized Education 32 credits
  • Core Courses                    3   credits

  • Major Requirements           19 credits

  • Major Electives                  7   credits

  • Cooperative                      3   credits
3) Free Electives   2 credits
  • Core course

DIM-101   Information Skill in Knowledge-based Society

CMM-102 Principles of Communication

MMA-111 Multimedia Technology

ICT-261    Fundamentals of Database System

  • Major requirement

CMM-101      Mass Communication

CMM-103      Language for Mass Communication

CMM-104      Basic Photography

CMM-105      Introduction to News Writing and Reporting

CMM-201      Communication Psychology

CMM-202      Journalistic Writing

CMM-203      Script Writing for Broadcasting

CMM-204      Introduction to Advertising

CMM-205      Introduction to Public Relations

CMM-206      Editing and Production of Printed Media

CMM-207      Introduction to Radio Production

CMM-208      Introduction to Television Production

CMM-209      Internet Media Design and Development

CMM-301      Theory of Communication

CMM-302      Production of Convergence Media

CMM-303      Law and Ethics of Mass Communication

CMM-304      Communication Research

CMM-305      Media Critical Analysis

CMM-306      Project in Communication I

CMM-401      Project in Communication II

CMM-402      Management of Mass Media Organization


  • Cooperatives

CMM-390  Pre-Cooperative Education

CMM-491  Cooperative Education

CMM-492  Professional Skill Practice    











  • Major Electives   (minimum   7  credits)

CMM-211      Photography for Communication Arts

CMM-212      Advanced News Writing and Reporting

CMM-311      News Reporting in English

CMM-312      Feature Writing

CMM-313      Message Design in Journalism

CMM-314      Design and Production of Specialized Publication

CMM-315      Current Issues Analysis

CMM-316      Online Newspaper Production

CMM-411      Online Magazine Production

CMM-221      Music for Broadcasting

CMM-222      Films and Society

CMM-223      Principles of Broadcasting Programming

CMM-321      Moderator for Broadcasting

CMM-322      Broadcasting News Reporting

CMM-323      Advanced Radio Production

CMM-324      Graphics and Animation for Television

CMM-325      Advanced Television Production

CMM-326      Television Documentary Production

CMM-327      Television Field Production

CMM-231      Marketing Analysis for Advertising

CMM-232      Advertising and Society

CMM-331      Advertising Media Strategies

CMM-332      Advertising Creativity

CMM-333      Graphics and Animation for Advertising

CMM-334      Advertising Planning

CMM-335      Advertising Production

CMM-431      Selected Topics in Advertising

CMM-341      Writing for Public Relations

CMM-441      Public Relations Planning

CMM-442      Public Relations Production

CMM-443      Current Issues in Public Relations

CMM-251      Communication Arts Presentation

CMM-252      Mass Media in ASEAN

CMM-253      Speech Communication

CMM-254      English for Communication Arts

CMM-351      Integrated Marketing Communication


Academic Services/Social Engagement

The Communication program has been widely recognized in academic circles. Academic services have been regularly provided in various forms, including as resource persons, peer reviewers, judges, and presentation packages for a number of organizations.

  • Together with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Communication program initiated a project in March 2012 to enable the public to better understand community radio stations in the upper Southern part of Thailand.


  • Together with the Public Relations Section of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Communication program staff conducted a training program, known as “Young Journalists for Energy Conservation”, for high school students in January 2013. 
  • In January 2014, the Communication program jointly held, with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, an NBTC Campus Tour.


Student Activity

  • Educational tours to Bangkok are regularly made available for students, so that they can experience professional environments and practices, and be prepared for cooperative education.

  • The Communication Arts Dramatized Play is held annually, with the aim that all participants can develop team work skills.

  • Opportunities are available for students to engage in various academic service activities. Knowledge and skills developed during study may then be applied for practical use.

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