Dr. Salin Boonbrahm, a lecturer of Information Technology Program certified by UKPSF, Senior Fellow

The management of teaching and learning at the higher education, each instructor will use different methods. For Walailak University, it is necessary that the teaching and learning managers comply with international standards, therefore encourage teachers at university to be assessed to create “Professional teacher” in higher education, by using the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) which has 4 levels, Include Principal Fellow, Senior Fellow, Fellow and Associate Fellow.

Higher Education Academy (HEA) is a national independent organization in England that has developed the UKPSF framework to assess and certify the development of teaching quality of teachers. Including academic standing of those who pass the assessment.

Dr. Salin Boonbrahm is currently the head of Information Technology, School of Information Science. Is a Certified Senior Fellow on April 18th,2019. Dr. Salin Boonbrahm is responsible for the Management Information Technology Program (Management of IT) at the Master and Doctorate degree. Has experience in curriculum development at the Bachelor degree, such as B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Information Technology and Digital Innovation) and B.Sc. (Medical Information Innovation)

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