Students of Information Technology Program, Walailak University. Online Teaching Experiment Cope Covid-19.

The current outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has spread throughout the world. Which has an impact on personnel, students, and personnel related to higher education institutions, Universities. Therefore, measures have been put in place to cope with the Covid-19 situation in terms of caring for students at universities around the country. Which provides 100% online education in order to reduce the spread of the virus in public areas and schools. And turning the crisis into an opportunity to upgrade to a new type of teaching and learning in order to better conform with the teaching and learning of modern times.

According to Walailak University announced about the teaching and learning in case of abnormal situations, to prevent the spread of virus not to affect the health of students and personnel, including the operation of the university.

Information Technology Program, School of Information Science, Walailak University do not wait to change the teaching to a whole online format. There is a questionnaire to survey the readiness of students in basics about the equipment needed for online learning such as computers, connected microphones, to be used for communication etc. It also explores the internet speed of students that there is speed along with online learning without interruption. Which if students are not ready, faculty of teachers will have a solution in a timely manner, causing students and faculty of teachers of Information technology Program, Walailak University be well prepared for online instruction and be able to handle the Covid-19 situation very well.

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