4th year student projects presentation of Senior Project in Software Engineering course using Microsoft Team.

On May 12, 2020 from 09.00 hrs. – 14.30 hrs. The 4th year software engineering students presented the project online by using Microsoft Team. This final projects consist of

1. The Time Sheet Project which is a system used to monitor the progress of the responsible work. By allowing the team leader to check the project overview and able to assign work to employees.

2. Software Version Tracking System which is a system user to track the product version.

3. The teaching and learning application through live broadcasting system which is the channel for live teaching broadcasting. This system facilitates for teachers and learners.

This is part of the projects that are the real problems from the workplaces.  That allowed our students to learn the software development process from the workplaces and actually work with the real situations. From this learning allows students who graduated from the software engineering program to have work experience before graduation.

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