Preparation for project development of Information Technology and Digital Innovation (ITD) and Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) programs.

           On June 21, 2021, the Information Technology and Digital Innovation (ITD) program and the Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) program have organized preparation activities for seminars and project courses for 3rd-year students organized online via the Zoom program.

          The Department of Information Technology recognizes the importance of various courses, especially seminar courses and project courses, which students have to do independently before graduating. Therefore, the faculty organized preparation activities for students to allow students to choose project topics that they have an aptitude for, including selecting advisors with expertise in projects that students need to develop. This will result in the most efficient and practical projects or systems the students are working on in the industry.

          The Information Technology Department hopes that students will get the topic of project work according to their expertise. There have been advisors who have direct knowledge in the subject matter. And the students themselves are happier and more enjoying the project.

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