The Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) program has organized an event to win prizes via the Facebook fan page.

        Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) program, School of Informatics, Walailak University, has organized a quiz and giveaway event for the program’s Facebook fan page. “Innovation in medical information, Walailak University — as a thank you to all fan pages who have always supported us” and “ Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) course) organized an award for our lovely fan page without stopping!”

          Such giveaway activities will be held continuously. Those interested in participating in the event can come to the page. “Medical information innovation, Walailak University.” By answering questions in the comments under the activity post that the course organizes activities directly. When it’s time, the admin will check the list of winners and contact them to claim the prize. If the participants are not convenient to pick up by themselves. The admin of the fan page will deliver the prize to the address of the winner specified.

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