The Innovation of Medical Informatics program organizes an online version of the project exam

         On July 30, 2021, the Innovation of Medical Informatics program organized a project exam for the 3rd year students in an online format through the Zoom program.

          Due to the Covid-19 situation, teaching and learning, or even university exams, must be online. Therefore, Information Technology Program organizes project examinations for 3rd-year students online, include:

          1. Finding Sleep Patterns That Affect Health Problems With Machine Learning.

          2. Determination of coronavirus disease 2019 risk patterns from personal timeline with machine learning.

          3. An automated analysis and assessment of the mental health of social media users.

          4. An appropriate air quality monitoring and monitoring system for respiratory patients.

          5. Night sleep analysis application.

          6. Vaccination Management System.

          7. The device connects humans to machines through facial movements to control electric wheelchairs.

          8. Development of a sleep-detection device that detects sleep while driving with biomedical signals.

          9. AR navigation in Walailak University Medical Center Hospital.

          It is an interesting and up-to-date project. The students are preparing for the online exams very well, making the exam environment full of fun. Including the group of teachers are friendly, so the students do not feel much pressure.The Innovation of Medical Informatics program

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