Information Technology students Received the “Walailak Award” for the academic year 2020.

          On August 20, 2021, the selection committee for the Walailak Education Award “WALAILAK AWARD” for the academic year 2020 jointly considers the selection of students who deserve the education award according to the qualifications that the educational fund of the year. Walailak determines For the academic year award at Walailak “WALAILAK AWARD” for the academic year 2020, in this regard, Mr. Thapakon Khruathongkeaw Information Technology students School of Informatics received such award.

          Walailak Education Award of the Year “WALAILAK AWARD” was established with the purpose of promoting merit. Appreciate the values that are widely appreciated among students in the university. by recruiting students who are suitable according to the university’s aspirations every academic year.

          The information technology congratulations to Mr. Thapakon Khruathongkeaw Who received the study of the year award at Walailak “WALAILAK AWARD” for the academic year 2020, which Mr. Thapakon Khruathongkeaw be a student with good behavior responsible Work well with others, be punctual, considerate, and have good academic results, which are very suitable for the award. and create great pride for the department. The department hopes that, Mr. Thapakon Khruathongkeaw It will be a good example for the children to be an example for sure.

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