The IMI program organizes online UX/UI training activities

          On August 11, 2021, Medical Informatics Innovation Program School of Information Science Organize UX/UI training activities in an online format For 3rd year students with a lecturer, Mr.Rakpon Chartsuwan, working in the position of UX/UI Designer Blishtech co.,Ltd. This activity was organized in the course of IMI62-371 Human Computer Interaction.

          UX or User Experience is the user experience in terms of how they feel in response to the use of a product or system. Convenience, ease of use, fun until the highest satisfaction or good user experience.

          UI or User Interface is the user interface or the part used to connect with the user, that is, the part that allows the user to interact with the use of the product. It focuses on looks, design, and design, for example, screens, platforms, menus, forms, layouts, font sizes, buttons, keyboards, sounds, and even lighting.

          As the course recognizes the importance of creating a good UX/UI for users, this event has been organized to enable students to create UX/UI that is usable and useful.

          The course would like to thank Mr.Rakpon Chartsuwan, for giving the honor and time to be a lecturer for the students of the Medical Informatics Innovation Program and hope that the students will apply the knowledge they have gained in their study and work good.