The School of Informatics provides academic services to support continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth

        The School of Informatics  led by  Asst. Prof. Dr. Nichnan Kittiphattanabawon and the faculty team has provided academic services in the project to enhance the economy and society in the integrated sub-district (1 sub-district, 1 university), Na Wae Subdistrict, Chawang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province It is a development activity that can turn around economic activities. increase the potential and Enhance trade, production and service in key economic sectors of the country. covering the manufacturing sector industrial sector trade and tourism, which aims to generate revenue from the modern manufacturing and service sectors. in Na Wae Subdistrict, Chawang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province The project aims to promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities. creating decent jobs entrepreneurship creativity and innovation and promote the birth and growth of small, small and medium-sized enterprises with plans to revitalize local and community economies. through the implementation of projects or activities to create jobs, build careers by promoting a market for productivity and community business products including creating access to marketing channels as well as raising the standards of quality and added value of products and products of local and community including the promotion and development of skilled labor Promotion and stimulation of household consumption Building an infrastructure system to support modern manufacturing and service sectors and a fundamental economy. and digital platform development

          In the implementation of this project, the goal is to increase the capacity of the community to upgrade products and tourism. Promote learning through digital technology training to be able to develop a store through an online platform. To promote public relations and product sales, as well as to develop the potential of people in the digital marketing community through popular online platforms. There are also other digital enhancements. related, such as photography for publicity purposes Creating logos for products, etc., where people in the local community are involved in thinking, doing, sharing and receiving benefits. and co-owner which developed from the base of local wisdom and local potential This is to develop the manufacturing sector based on innovation development by using digital platforms. To create added value and expand production activities More importantly, it develops the skills of community groups. Upgrading labor productivity and developing community enterprises

          Activities in the implementation of the project consisted of (1) visiting the area to coordinate with the district development local leader (Kamnan / village headman) and build cooperation with community networks in various villages to collect information on the community economy Manufacturing sector data, including community products, professional groups (2) Store development through online platforms To promote public relations and product sales. (3) Training to develop the digital potential of people in the digital marketing community through popular online platforms. Photography and photo editing for public relations and the creation of logos, products and stores; and (4) the employment of the general public, new graduates or students to perform various activities in the project. and create a new career (product upgrade OTOP/other occupations) accounted for 40 percent of all activities, (2) the creation and development of a Creative Economy (tourism enhancement) accounted for 10 percent of the total activities, and (3) the use of knowledge to help communities. (Technology) accounted for 50 percent of all activities. for project output and results There will be both quantitative results and qualitative results. The quantitative results consisted of an increase in the number of people who access OTOP product information through the created platform by 5,000 times 6 months after the project was closed, having at least 5 online stores, and employing the general public, new graduates or students to Working according to various activities in the project, the number of not less than 20 people. The qualitative results will be assessed from having comprehensive information on the products, communities, and attractions that can attract the attention of buyers and service recipients. Communities can distribute product information through online platforms where buyers can easily access and get accurate, comprehensive and complete information, and communities have digital technology skilled people in online marketing.

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