Information Technology Department organizes training on Mobile and Web applications.

         On 18-26 September 2021 in Information Technology Department The School of Information Science organizes a mobile and web application training project for students of the Information Technology and Digital Innovation course and the 3rd year medical information innovation course with a lecturer who is Mr.Wittaya Panduang, CEO of Program D Company Limited.

          Mobile and web application development is an important skill for developers. Mobile and web frameworks are now used in development to increase the efficiency and speed of building mobile and web applications. Development of large mobile and web applications or can support future expansion Therefore, the mobile and web application training program for project work helps to enhance the knowledge of the techniques currently used in the program development for students. In addition to active learning classes, students will have the opportunity to train. meet and exchange knowledge about new technologies with professional speakers from outside as well.

          The department would like to thank Mr.Wittaya Panduang for honoring the department and taking the time to educate students. And hope that students will apply their knowledge to study or work as well.