The Information Technology and Digital Innovation (ITD) program examines the progress of students’ projects.

            On November 19, 2021, Information Technology and Digital Innovation Program Organizing a progress examination for 3rd year students’ project work with committee members as teachers in every program.

          The progression test is part of the student project course that the program recognizes the importance of building confidence and giving advice in the work of students who have not yet completed their projects including controlling the quantity and quality of student projects In the progress test, students will come out and present their work on how they have progressed. There are topics such as Computer Service Management System for Thasalaprasitsuksa School , The Development of Food Delivery Platform Based on Blockchain Technology, Real-time Vehicle Counting System using Images from CCTV, The Development of Local Weather Station for Ecotourism, etc.

          The program hopes that this progression exam will enable students to use the recommendations from the committee to develop and improve the efficiency of the project even further.

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