Information Technology and Digital innovation students take a project 1 exam and prepare for a project 2.

          On December 28, 2021, Innovation of Medical Informatics Program School of Informatics Walailak University organized the Project 1 Examination for 3rd year students led by Mr. Jakkarin Weekaew, Project Coordinator 1, and other professors in the field of Information Technology as a committee for this examination.

The Project 1 exam is a test that measures students’ performance in past studies. By measuring the results of projects that do content, one can analyze data. Able to create a virtual system with completeness of information within the scope of the content. In terms of presentations, the students were ready to present and answer questions. From the evaluation results, the students were willing and eager to work. As a result, the results are of good quality and can be used for further development in Project 2 courses.

The curriculum recognizes the importance of every course in order for students to use it for further projects. and apply it to work. The course is confident that students who graduate from this course will graduate with quality. There are job skills that are definitely in demand in the labor market.

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