Innovation of Medical Informatics program, organizes guidance activities Phang-nga Technical College.

          On January 4, 2022, Innovation of Medical Informatics program in the School of Informatics has organized an online guidance activity for Phang Nga Technical College led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Yunyong Punsawad and Mr. Theerat Saichoo, lecturers of the Innovation of Medical Informatics program.

          The Medical Informatics Innovation Program has organized a course guided activities to make students or those interested in learning more about the course. The course guidelines are Web and mobile application development intelligent program development and application of big data technology which the course pointed out to study guidelines covering future careers They also present their work in current student project courses.

          However, the course has planned to issue guidance to many schools. Interested parties can ask for more information via the page. นวัตกรรมสารสนเทศทางการแพทย์ ม.วลัยลักษณ์ or call 091-8268296.