ยืนยันสิทธิ์ IMI

Activity 1 2 3!! On click confirm: To increase your confidence and verify your eligibility for the Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) Course

        On February 5, 2022, the Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) Program, School of Informatics, Walailak University, organized an activity 1 2 3!! On click Confirm online through the ZOOM program. This activity was in conjunction with the “”The final answer, the goal is Walailak””, organized by the educational service center.

         The 1 2 3!! On click Confirm activity of the Innovation of Medical Informatics (IMI) Program is prepared to confirm the eligibility of selected students. This activity has received the attention of a large number of applicants. The faculty members and seniors in the course welcome and answer questions about IMI65 prospective students clearly on all issues. The activity was a friendly atmosphere, fun, and full of smiles. A questionnaire was made for the selected participants who participated before completing the activity. The results appeared satisfactory that the participants wanted to confirm their eligibility to study with courses for more than 30% of all applicants.

          The course’s graduate productivity in the past year ensures that the program can produce quality information technologists. The students can work in the professional field with knowledge in information technology and management, integrating learning into practice, and developing applications for both web and mobile. Significantly, graduates must be ethical in developing and using information technology related to Walailak University’s identity, which aims to create graduates who are both “”good people and smart people””. If interested in applying for the course Apply now at: or Please contact the Innovation of  Medical Informatics (IMI), Walailak University, for more information.”