IMI students get themselves ready with attending the final project examination online

          On April 7, 2022 third year IMI students attend the final project examination via Zoom meeting and the program’s lecturers attend this event as examiners

          The program has planed for the third year students to attend the Project 1 and Project 2 course so that the students will gain working experiences before going to take the coorporative education course and working after graduation. In the examination, there are many interesting topics including:
1. Discovery of Sleep Disorders Patterns using Machine Learning
2. Discovery of Covid-19 Risk Patterns from the Timelines of Infected Cases Using Macchine Learning
3. Automatic Assessment and Analysis of Online User Emotional Trends on based Social Media
4. System of Indoor Air Quality for Respiratory Patients using IOMT
5. Development of Face-Machine Interface Device for Wheelchair Control
6. Development of Driver Vigilance System using Biomedical Signals
7. Using AR for placement of the ECG electrodes

          The outcome of the Project examination can ensure that the program has a lot of potential to improve the students’ skill before going to work with the company in the future. This can guarantee the qualification and achievement of students who graduate from IMI program. The students completely have full knowlegede in theory and practice and can effectively take this to apply with their future work

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