The ITD course integrates exercises from senior projects to help juniors come up with new ideas.

           Mr. Jakkarin Weekaew held an event on May 11, 2022, for the Information Technology and Digital Innovation Program to showcase the project of the 3rd year seniors for the 2nd year students to attend. The curriculum emphasizes the value of project courses in this activity since it is a course that allows students to use what they have learned to build a product.
          As a result, there is an activity to illustrate the work in the project course that the third-year students made in order to inform and inspire students to think about their own project topic. Students may be able to ask questions on their own and get guidance from seniors as a result of these activities.
          The program believes that by participating in this activity, the future generation of students will be inspired to create visible works that may be applied in practice and benefit society as a whole.