Information Technology Department organizes the freshy 65 and advisors meeting activity

          On June 8, 2022 IT Departiment by ITD and IMI program organize the freshy 65 and advisors meeting acitvity where the head of the department, Ajan Jongsuk Kongsen and the lecturers welcome new students wormly.
        The aim of this activity is provide academic advices, rules and regulations as well as the guidance on using educational service systems to first year students. In addition, the students will receive student guidebook to prepare themselves bofore the academic term 2022 begins. Howerver, the program has policies for Covid-19 protection by asking the students to wear facemask all time and keep social distancing. All students, as the result follow the policies perfectly well.
          The programe really hopes this activity will benefit all the freshy, create good and strong relation between lecturers, new and senior students and enable them to know each other.

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