Research teams development activities of the School of Informatics

          On 6-7 June 2022, the academic research committee of the School of Informatics organized the activities to develop Informatics Research Teams. This event aims to share knowledge and experience of research with expert researchers.

          It is also a guideline for building a research team or research group in the school to be stronger, as well as pushing forward the submission of a research project proposal to request the allocation of research funding by the faculty members in the school in the following order. This event was honoured by Professor Dr Wanna Choorit, Acting Vice President for Research and Social Services, who gave an honourable speech to open the event and give a research policy to drive the university’s policy.

          In addition, the school was also honoured by Asst. Prof. Dr Uthen Thaptuang, acting head of the research facility and Asst. Prof. Dr Puttiporn Thanathammethee, the research committee of the School of Engineering and Technology, as the speakers in exchange of knowledge with school members on issues “The research team development process and guidelines for writing a proposal for research funding”. The activities in the afternoon were at Thasala Cabana to inform the policy guidelines from the school in driving the research group by the Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr Poonpong Boonprahman and Asst. Prof. Dr Chaowanun Khundam, Head of Research Institute of the School of Informatics. The activities were in the form of learning activities. 

          This activity gave the school members a view of the research topic that will jointly drive the school’s research group.

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