ITD ดูงาน

ITD Program organizes a collaborative learning activity through a field trip at CLM , Walailak Unviersity.

          On June 30, 2022 ITD Program creates a filed trip activity at CLM, Walailak University for 2nd year students and this is lead by Ajan Kanjana Haruehansaphong.
          CLM is a complete learning center that provides modern Inforation Technology for effective learning support and it focuses on enhancing the profession of the staffs so that they can support the university’s mission and be ready to impress all the users with the best services. Consequently, ITD Program organizes a field trip for the students that can take all the knowledge to apply with their learing and expeirence a field trip in a professional workplace and see real working processes of the CLM’s staff, Walailak University.
          ITD Program would really like to thank the CLM’s staffs for the worm welcome and every details and information provided along the visiting in every unit and service of the center.