The ITD course organized an event where senior students met with junior students to “share experiences from those who have overcome obstacles.”

          On April 11th, 2023, the Information Technology and Digital Innovation program organized an event where senior students shared their work experience with junior students before going on internship. The event took place at the Academic Building 6, and featured a talk by Khun Nat, Mr. Jaranchai Thongkum, who shared his experience and provided tips on how to work effectively.

          The course recognizes the importance of sending students on internships, as starting a new job can sometimes be challenging. However, if we continue to learn and develop ourselves, we can grow rapidly. Therefore, the course invites senior students to share their work experience with junior students, particularly on how to develop themselves in the workplace, such as through personal and professional growth.

1) Collaboration: Learning to work with others is important in the workplace because working with individuals who have different abilities and experiences can help us learn from each other and build positive relationships.

2) Learning and self-development: Learning and self-development are important in the workplace because they help improve our abilities and are a foundation for long-term growth.

3) Agile thinking: Agile thinking is important in the workplace because it helps increase the speed of problem-solving and enables efficient and effective work.

4)Time management: Time management is important in the workplace because it helps reduce stress and increase efficiency.

5)Additional experiences and techniques that can be applied in the workplace include effective communication, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

          The course would like to express its sincere gratitude to Khun Nat, Mr. Jaranchai Thongkum for generously taking the time to share his experiences, as well as various work techniques, with the younger generation to apply during their internship. We hope that the students have gained valuable knowledge and will be able to apply it effectively in their future work.

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