Walailak University joins hands with TK Park in the project to connect the network of lifelong learning libraries in Thailand.

          In the policy of TK Park, the School of Information Sciences Walailak University has cooperated with the Thailand Learning Park (TK Park) to launch a project to link the library to the learning network. The partnership aims to revolutionize students’ and learners’ learning opportunities and access to knowledge nationwide. The School of Information Sciences develops an information system that works as a back-office access to lifelong learning resources and resources. In addition, the School of Information Science, a team consisting of professors, researchers, and students, also trains the use of the system to access lifelong learning resources for TK Park. The project has been operating since December 2017. 2022 – September 2023. This year, the School of Informatics has visited the training areas for TK Park in 2 provinces, the TK Park Living Library at Lamphu Island by the Tapee River, Surat Thani province. The other one is Phayao Learning Park, Phayao province.

          The project can benefit 28 branches of TK Park in Thailand, especially in terms of Equal Access to Knowledge: This project will reduce geographical constraints and ensure that students from all corners of Thailand have equal access to high-quality educational resources. Lifelong Learning: This program emphasizes continuous learning in line with the changing needs of the modern world. Learners of all ages can sharpen their skills, increase their skills and explore new subjects under the resources that TK Park has available.

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