Welcome happiness in the New Year with the DCM siblings bonding activity.

On January 18, 2023, the Digital Content and Media (DCM) program organized a bonding activity for its students and faculty members. The event aimed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among students from all four years of the program, as well as the faculty.

The activities included a lively game of bingo that brought laughter and excitement from both students and faculty members. There were prizes for the winners, adding to the fun. Another activity was a gift exchange between students, which helped strengthen the relationships among students from different years.

One of the highlights of the event was a cover dance performance where students showcased their talents simultaneously. The DCM program provided strong support for these activities, allowing students to demonstrate their skills, confidence, and expression through various activities. Additionally, there were special prizes awarded by faculty members and senior students, adding to the excitement.

The participation of faculty members and senior students in these activities made the event even more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Many students appreciated the opportunity to have fun, share laughter, build confidence, and get to know their professors, peers, and senior colleagues better through this bonding activity.

Moreover, alumni from the DCM program were invited to participate in the activities, sharing their experiences, insights, and life at the university with the current students. This served as a valuable guidance for the students as they continue their academic journey and prepare for their future careers.

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