INFO Personality Grand Awards

Mass Communication Goes All Out! INFO Personality Grand Awards 2023 – The Stage for Personality of the Year Competition in the Academic Year 2023.

On August 17, 2023, at the Thai Buri Room, Thailand Building, School of Information Studies, Walailak University, the “INFO Personality Grand Awards 2023” competition was held from 14:00 to 16:30. The event was organized by the Student Association of Information Studies, with the honorable presence of Associate Professor Dr. Poonpong Boonbrahm, acting as the representative of the Dean of the School.

The objective of this event was to foster unity among the faculty members and to encourage creative thinking, positive attitudes, and the development of good personalities among the students. It also aimed to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their potential and special abilities.

In this competition, the INFO Personality Grand Awards 2023, the male winner was Mr. Thitiyaporn Klangwan, known as “Nong Than,” and the female winner was Miss Wipawanee Changsan, known as “Nong Ta Wan,” both from the Digital Content and Media program. The runners-up included Mr. Montol Saetong, known as “Nong Tong Tong,” for the male category, and Miss Priyaporn Thongrak, known as “Nong Pikkul,” for the female category, both from the Digital Content and Media program.

Additionally, there were special awards, including the “Kwan Jai” Award, which went to Mr. Chai-anan Thongsong from the MTA program, and the “Popular Vote” Award, which was won by Miss Supaksiri Chetsawanasith from the Guitar program.

The School of Information Studies would like to express its gratitude to the committee members, including Ms. Passaraporn Manunyannan, Ms. Salilthip Hema, Mr. Weerayuth Boonpit, Mr. Jenawit Raksa Charoen, and Mr. Weerapol Khannapao, who served as judges for this event.

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