OIT and School of Informatics Collaboration in Technology and Health Fields

          On October 23, 2566, the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in the United States entered into a collaboration agreement with School of Informatics. Dr. Sasithorn Rattanarungrot represented the Thai institution in the online negotiation via Zoom, with the aim of fostering a sustainable exchange of knowledge between the two countries.

          The participating academic institution presented information on the Information Technology and Innovation of Informatics Medicine disciplines, which are fields that OIT students might find intriguing and engage in knowledge exchange. The Thai institution expressed its readiness to host international students interested in conducting research at their existing academic department and centers of excellence.

          Moreover, OIT expressed interest in exchanging students in diverse fields, such as Engineering and Technology, Computer Science, Allied Health, and the Environment (Water, Electric, Nuclear). These courses are of significant importance and relevance to the current development of scientific resources and technology.

          This academic collaboration between the Oregon Institute of Technology and School of Informatics to broaden educational and research opportunities for students from both countries. It is hoped that this collaboration will yield efficient learning and innovation outcomes for all parties in the long run and serve as a vital tool in building a sustainable future in the field of science and technology industries in both nations.

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