School of Informatics organized the “Intellectual Children Volunteers community development activity”

          On October 11, 2566, first-year students from School of Informatics Studies, Walailak University, were determined to cooperate and foster an understanding of community care and cleanliness through the “Intellectual Children Volunteer” community development activity, by collecting garbage at the Masjid Baan Pai, Wat Somsorn, Wat Tha Sung, and Tha Sung Beach on Thasala.

          This activity was organized to educate and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the community. Besides the general waste collection, students had the opportunity to learn and practice waste segregation, enabling them to understand proper and efficient waste management. Additionally, they participated in recreational activities to relax and build positive relationships among the course participants.

          This event not only helped instill environmental responsibility and proper waste management understanding among students but also fostered an understanding of fostering cooperation and a healthy society within their local community. It is hoped that such activities will be promoted and expanded continuously in the future.

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