Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Digital Communication Arts


Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Digital Communication Arts


Bachelor of Communication Arts (Digital Communication Arts)


  1. Understand process of mass communication, new media and media usage for marketing communication.
  2. Apply knowlegde and skill for global changing in mass communication.
  3. Preparing for industry emphasise learning and practice by using media tools as industry use.
  4. Responsible in media ethics.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Our graduates have ability to work in government and public enterprise with communication professional skill, creativity skill, information technology skill.

Career path

  1. media business
  2. Online content production
  3. Boardcasting.
  4. Print media editorial
  5. Reporter
  6. Photographer
  7. Boardcasting moderator
  8. Advertising and Public Relations
  9. Media Designer

Study path

Graduate could study master degree and Ph.D. program.  


13, 600 baht per semester

Program structure

Graduation requirement 169 credits (4-year program)
1. General Education Courses 40 Credits
(1) Humanities and Social Sciences Credits
(2) Science and Mathematics group Credits
(3) Integration group 4 Credits
(4) Information technology group 4* Credits
Remark * Not included in course structure
2. Specialized courses 124 Credits
(1) Core courses 4 Credits
(2) Major Required Courses 72 Credits
(3) Major Elective Courses 28 Credits
(4) Cooperative Eduation 17 Credits
4. Free Elective Courses 8 Credits


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