Bachelor of Information Science Program in Digital Information Management


Bachelor of Information Science Program in Digital Information Management


Bachelor of Information Science (Digital Information Management)


The core educational objectives of Digital Information Management Program at Walailak University is to produce graduates who possess the Digital Information Management, Digital Information Technology and Digital Communications. The Cooperation education and the professional knowledge are structured to develop a range of core competencies in 21st century skills and to ensure that students achieve a set of particular learning outcomes. These include:
1) knowing and applying Digital Information Management theory in Informatics organizations including the Digital Information Technology in information works, design and management digital media, digital learning, network information services, and modern information technology.
2) gaining knowledge and experiences in both digital information management theory and practicing through cooperative education.
3) ability to think analytically and propose solutions to complex problems
4) communicating, researching, managing modern information, and utilizing digital information technology in effective way.
5) having morality, responsibility, professional ethics and demonstrating the interpersonal skills to work with others in society and workplaces.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

By the time you reach graduation, you will have attained the following characteristics of graduates, including :
1) specialized competencies;
2) the support services necessary for 21st century skills in storage and organizing knowledge;
3) technical and ICT competencies in storage, retrieval and distributing information on the internet; and
4) personal competencies, such as, project management, communication, changing services, presenting new ideas, leaderships, general management, and research.

Career path

Recent graduates have gone on to work in jobs that include:
1) Information Professional
2) Librarian
3) Digital Librarian
4) Digital Content Developer
5) Digital Curator
6) Archivist
7) Web Content Developer
8) Resource Manager
9) Information Supporter in organizations
10) Information Researcher
11) Digital Collection Designer and Developer
12) Information Media Designer and Developer
13) Web Designer and Developer
14) Webmaster
15) Digital Media Developer for learning
16) Online Instructional Developer
17) Library Automation Designer and Developer
18) system analyst in organizations

Study path

This B.I.S. Program in Digital Information Management is designed to build the knowledge obtained at the associate degree or higher level in Information Management, Information and Communications, Educational Technology, Educational Technology and Communications or related programs in the domestic (Thailand) and various countries.


Fees per semester 13,200. – Bath
Tuition Fees for the program 158,400. – Bath

Program structure

Total credits not less than 166 Credits (4 years)
1. General Education Courses 40 Credits
(1) Language 20 Credits
(2) Humanities 12 Credits
(3) Health education 4 Credits
(4) Science and Mathematics 4 Credits
(5) Information Technology 4* Credits
Remark * Not included in course structure
2. Specialized courses 118 Credits
(1) Core courses 81 Credits
(2)  Major Elective courses 20 Credits
Please note that: the students can choose Minor in English Courses 21 Credits instead of Major Elective courses 20 Credits
(3) Cooperative education 17 Credits
3. Minor in English Courses, no less than 21 Credits
4. Free Elective Courses 8 Credits


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