Bachelor of Science Program in Multimedia Technology and Animation



Bachelor of Science Program in Multimedia Technology and Animation


Bachelor of Science (Multimedia Technology and Animation)


Multimedia Technology and Animation program has been designed to produce graduates who can effectively apply technologies including 2D/3D animation, games, multimedia applications (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) and other innovative approaches in many different scenarios. The graduates are able to creatively think, work and generate new digital media content and they also have public mind, social responsibility and good work ethics.   

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

1. Graduates should have theoretical capability, practice capability and efficient knowledge application.

2. Graduates should develop innovative multimedia and animation work in national creative industry.

3. Graduates should be inventive and able to apply their ideas, knowledge and technologies to create good quality work.

4. Graduates should have ethics and social responsibility related to multimedia, game and animation development.

5. Graduates should have communication and interpersonal skill. The should also have teamwork skill and adapt to new working environments.

Career path

Graduates can pursue their work as

1) Multimedia Producer
2) Graphic Designer
3)Character Design Artist
4) Animator
5) Storyboard Artist
6) Digital Artist
7) Comic Artist
8) 3D Modeler
9) Special Effect Artist
10) Game Designer
11) Game Developer
12) Game Programmer
13) Multimedia and Animation Entrepreneur

Study path

Graduates can study Master degree and PhD in multimedia, computer science, information technology and other related areas in Thailand or overseas.


Fees per semester 13,200. – Bath

Tuition Fees for the program 158,400. – Bath

Program structure

Total credits not less than 166 Credits (4 years)  
1. General Education Courses 40 Credits
  (1) Language and Communication 20 Credits
  (2) Humanities and Social science 12 Credits
  (3) Health Science 4 Credits
  (4) Science and Mathematics 4 Credits
  (5) Information Technology 4* Credits
  Remark * Not included in course structure  
2. Specific Requirement courses 114 Credits
  (1) Core courses 22 Credits
  (2)  Major Required courses 69 Credits
  (3) Major Elective Courses  14 Credits
  (3) Cooperative education Credits
4. Free Elective Courses 8 Credits


Multimedia Technology and                       Animation WU MTA Walailak University

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