Research Group – Digital Information Management

Knowledge Organization Research

Research focus on methods to find a specific knowledge management system by analysis, identify, classify and reveal relationship of knowledge by appropriated approach such as Facet-Analytical Analysis, User Oriented, Bibliometric Approach and Domain Analytical Approach. Research results include: Knowledge Organization System that can brings the output to process, classify, identify, retrieve and apply in many ways, for example, to develop Classification Structure, Taxonomy and Institutional Repository as well.

Digital Learning Media Development and Open Education Research

Research in applied technology for open education; Massive Open Online Course management;  the development of digital learning media to enhance students’ learning achievement; the design of learning media in various disciplines to disseminate knowledge and to encourage learners’ analytical , synthesis  and creative thinking in systematic and effective way.

Information Behavior and User Experience Research

This research related to information seeking, information behaviours, user interface design, and evaluation of information access system.

Digital Humanities Research

The research applies digital technology in order to store, preserve, and distribute human knowledge for maximum benefits, enhancing creative using and creating the new knowledge. This bring a wide range of research including digital library, digital museum, digital literacy, digital marketing, digital archive, institutional repository, digital collections in organizations and information centers, and research on open data integration to link human work, information processing and knowledge for use in different contexts such as applied information sciences and digital technology with tourism etc.