Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Communication Arts


Bachelor of Communication Arts (Communication Arts)


1. Philosophy and Importance of Program
Communication program of study, School of Informatics, Walailak University puts emphasis on development of students’ to their fullest potential regarding knowledge and skills both in theory and practice. Students are expected to graduate and serve as modern mass media personnel in areas such printed media, radio, television, internet media and other related media. Students are to apply their knowledge and skills to cope with changing means of communication that may be regarded as convergence media. In addition, the communication programs aims to develop learners so that these people will be considered ready to enter the mass communication field as professionals. Appropriate hardware, software and facilities are provided having the same standard as used in the business sector. Furthermore, the graduates are expected to be professionals who are aware of the importance of social responsibilities, moral values, and ethics and that they would have significant contributions to their communities, regions and the nation as a whole.

2 Program Objectives
2.1 To produce graduate equipped with knowledge and skills to produce media in various formats including printed matters, radio, and television. These graduates are also expected to be able to develop and use online media.
2.2 To produce graduates who are capable of applying their knowledge and skills that are in line with how the world evolves and philosophy of media convergence.
2.3 To produce graduates who are ready to enter the business sector as competent professionals. They will be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills associated with the field of communication. Necessary hardware and software will be provided during the students’ period of study.
2.4 To produce graduates who recognize and hold values of social responsibilities, moral values, and ethical consideration.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

To produce graduates with potential to serve in the labor market both in the government and private sectors. These graduates are to be equipped with necessary communication knowledge and skills, creativity, analysis capability, ability to use related information technology while holding moral values associated with the work in the mass media field. In addition to above quality, the graduates are also expected to possess other work-related elements including self-discipline, teamwork, desire for learning, and development of themselves to their fullest potential so that they can effectively cope with the anticipated required work and meet labor market demands.

Career path
Graduates from Communication program, Walailak University are qualified to hold jobs in both the government and private sectors and also work in a freelance situation. These jobs include positions in the areas of or as, but not limited to, advertising, publicity, radio, television, editor for newspapers and magazines, news reporter, photographer, moderator, online media producer, media business entrepreneur, and media personnel in various positions.

Study path
Graduates will be potentially ready to study higher education in Communication Arts, Mass Communication , Marketing Communication and related fields both in Thailand and oversea.


Fees per semester 13,200. – Bath

Tuition Fees for the program 158,400. – Bath

Program structure

Graduation requirement 170 credits (4-year program) 
1. General Education Courses40 Credits
 (1) Language and Communication20 Credits
 (2) Humanities and Social Sciences12 Credits
 (3) Health education4 Credits
 (4) Science and Mathematics4 Credits
 (5) Information Technology4* Credits
 Remark * Not included in course structure 
2. Specialized courses122 Credits
 (1) Core courses6 Credits
 (2) Major Required Courses79 Credits
 (3) Major Elective Courses28Credits
 (4) Cooperative EduationCredits
4. Free Elective Courses8 Credits



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