Bachelor of Science Program in Innovation of Medical Informatics


Bachelor of Science Program in Innovation of Medical Informatics


Bachelor of Science (Innovation of Medical Informatics)


Innovation of Medical Informatics program of School of Informatics, Walailak University focuses on building the qualified medical informatics professionals who can perform in the target career practically and have professional ethics. The graduates can integrate both information technology and medical and work in real world. The study focuses on information system development and medical data analysis.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

1.Our graduates would have morality and be ethical at work concerned with medical informatics in particular.
2.Our graduates would have knowledge and skills on the medical informatics and knowledge on the process of medical informatics. They are capable to apply their knowledge for system development and problem solving.
3.Our graduates are able to apply their knowledge and skills for medical information system development and medical data analysis.
4.Our graduates would have the idea that keep pace in the changing world. They are able to choose the appropriate information technology for working which open to the new idea. They would be responsible for themselves and society. They are able to do analysis and synthesis in order to the appropriate operation.
5.Our graduates would have communication skills. They would work as the good team players and be able to adapt themselves to others.

Career path

1) Medical Information System Developer
2) Medical Data Analyst
3) Computer Technical Officer
4) System Analyst
5) Programmer
6) Information Technology Technical Officer

Study path

The graduates may continue their education in master degree and Ph.D. degree in computer, information technology, or related field.


Fees per semester 14,800.- Bath
Tuition Fees for the program 177,600.- Bath

Program structure

Total credits not less than 167 Credits (4 years)
1. General Education Courses 40 Credits
(1) Language 20 Credits
(2) Humanities 8 Credits
(3) Science and Mathematics 8 Credits
(4) Integrated education 4 Credits
(5) Information Technology 4* Credits
Remark * Not included in course structure
2. Specific Requirement courses 119 Credits
(1) Core courses 12 Credits
(2)  Major Required courses 72 Credits
(3) Major Elective Courses  18 Credits
(3) Cooperative education 17 Credits
4. Free Elective Courses 8 Credits

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