4th year student projects presentation of Senior Project in Software Engineering course using Microsoft Team. Part#2

On May 13, 2020 from 09.00 hrs. – 12.00 hrs. The 4th year software engineering students presented the project online by using Microsoft Team. This final projects are:

1. The Medication Reminder Application and Drug Label Project which has many functions to help the elderly or patient. They can scan the QR code to record medication history, see the drug knowledge. In addition, it helps to remind medication of patient with diabetes, kidney disease, blood pressure alert and doctor appointment. Currently, there is no application that has the ability to scan both the QR Code to view information and medication notifications in the same application.

2. The Orchestrating Complex Computational Workflows using Airflow: The Case Study of Migrating Cron Jobs to Airflow Project which is a background script that runs on the server that holds the Cronjob commands and executes the scheduled commands. It can increase the server and reduce the server to work If the execution of the command exceeds the amount that the server can accept or the running of the command decreases until the server can be lowered. Moreover, it be able to track data from executing commands through the Airflow Web UI and to be able to see the results of operations and reduce the occurrence of overlapping command execution errors.

This is part of the projects that are the real problems from the workplaces. That allowed our students to learn the software development process from the workplaces and actually work with the real situations. From this learning allows students who graduated from the software engineering program to have work experience before graduation.

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