Daily news, headlines, young guy, Software Engineering Program, Walailak University, implemented apps for planting trees

Mr.Burin P and colleagues from 3rd year students in Software Engineering Program, Walailak University implemented the Grow Up (planting trees) application. This project has been published in the Daily News newspaper on June 26, 2020. The headlines of “Guy, young people love nature, implemented apps for planting trees True story, not fanciful!!!.

The Grow Up application allows individuals to plant trees and don’t have time to care, want to plant trees but lack knowledge in care. The team then decided to solve the problem by creating a watering device with automatic fertilizers that can see the growth through the mobile application in the form of animal games. The game has many characters to choose from. For everyone to enjoy looking after the trees as if they were playing a game.

Bringing the encountered problems and solve them by implement application and using tracking software. So that everyone can see the problem and can make it easy for others to use. Moreover, if you do not think about doing it, everything will not happen.

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