Management of Information Technology Program


TH: วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต การจัดการเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศ
EN: Master of Science Program in Management of Information Technology


TH: วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (การจัดการเทคโนโลยีสารสนเทศ)
EN: Master of Science (Management of Information Technology)


Master of science program in management of information technology, Walailak university, focuses on the potential development of master’s degree students to gain knowledge and expertiseforinformation technologymanagementboth in theory and practical. Our students are able to use appropriate technology for management, workflow development, information technology innovation development for local and national organization.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Our graduates are able to use information technology to perform career, develop workflow, manage the organization efficiently, ready for world situation changes, and learn at their own pace.

Career path

1. Researcher/Lecturer
2. System Analyst
3. Information Technology Manager for government and private organizations
4. Information Technology Strategic Planner for government and private organizations
5. Information Technology Entrepreneur

Study path

study for information technology doctorate degree or related field


Tuition fees (whole course) 150,000 Baht

Tuition fees (per trimester)25,000 Baht

Program structure

Plan A1:Overall credit 45 credits
1. Thesis 45 credits
Plan A2:Overall credit 45 credits
1. Required course 24 credits
2. Elective 6 credits
3. Thesis 15 credits
Plan B:Overall credit 45 credits
1. Required course 24 credits
2. Elective 15 credits
3. Independent Study 6 credits


การจัดการสารสนเทศดิจิทัล มหาวิทยาลัยวลัยลักษณ์

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