MTA department, Walailak, adapted Discord for online education.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Walailak University has shifted to the online education to keep the education on the run. As we are the department of multimedia, MTA has adapted Discord into the class.
Discord is a VoIP (Voice over IP) communication program, which is a online two-ways communication. The program is available on many platforms, such as PC, MAC, internet browsing programs or mobile application.
Importantly, the service is free of charges, unlike the majority of the services which are the paid programs, Discord allows all the users to create chat rooms server and also sub-chat rooms for in the group with no fees.

More importantly, Discord is very well-known and familiar to our students as they are using discord in daily basis for gaming and chatting.
We also find more adventages of Discord such as..

  • Better video bitrate, the images and audios are clearer and more stable.
  • Featuring with ambient reduction and classes’ audio control.
  • Great security yet easy to use.
  • Screen sharing feature for all users in server, students with the questions or errors on their studying screens could seek helps from another users in the class.
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