“SHARE + WORKSHOP : An Inspiration to a Profession” from a former student of Multimedia Technology Animation and Game, who is joining one of the best international VFX studio. Sith, Sarayuth Thomard

We gladly invite you to our event “SHARE+WORKSHOP : An Inspiration to a Profession” with “Sith” Sarayuth Thomard, one of our former student, who will give us an inspirational speech and share us about the experience of practicing, working and self-training to be the world-class VFX artist. Also he will share the tips about portfolio preparation for the top-tier VFX studio, LUMA Pictures.
The event will be held on Thursday 22th August 2019
13.30-16.00, Building no.3, Room 209

Walailak University

Showreel 2018-2019 SarayutThomard >>> Click

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