Online classes: WU Digital Information Management Program turns the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity!!

Dr. Siriwatchana Kaeophanuek, a lecturer of Digital Information Management Program, School of Informatics has launched a trial online teaching using Zoom application–an easy-to-use application for online teaching. The application is suitable for online communication, meetings or even teachings.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Zoom application for online learning are as follows:

Advantages: the Zoom is/provides you to;

  • Easy to use, simply register through a Google or FB account
  • An interactive two-way communication, provides video conferencing software, and audio files for distance learning, create group and private chat messages
  • Share the screen or presentation slides and demonstrate the use of various programs through the teacher’s screen
  • Share assignments from ones’ own screen such as presentation files to teachers and friends to see at a time, write messages or leave comments on the screen right away
  • Record teaching videos to be reviewed later


  • Free use but limited to 100 students
  • Less than 40 minutes per lesson, but can create a new course

Guidelines for designing online teaching

Step 1: Explore the readiness of learners e.g. learners’ ​​computer equipment, environment, readiness to learn and their interest, make sure that everyone is ready and willing to study

Step 2: Design the activity using PowerPoint as the main medium of instruction and use Q&A during the instruction via Zoom program. Students are able to communicate with a teacher in real-time.

Step 3: Carry out activities during the study. A teacher can make the group smaller by dividing the learners into 2 groups so that everyone can do activities together.

Step 4: Use quizzes as a formative assessment to examine students’ understanding. In overall, most learners get good study result by learning through this kind of online teaching application.

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