Communication Arts Program. Confidence Building Measures disinfectant spray within the communication arts studio, prevent spread of the Covid-19

Studio staff of Communication Arts Program, School of Information Science. Mix disinfectant in order to spray disinfectant and wipe and clean the personnel office and laboratories including railing, doorknob, Academic Building 6, for disinfect coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) after the announcement of the university about the suspension of teaching due to an emergency from the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 to securement and safety for personnel working in the studio. In addition, there are alcohol gel washing hands at every entry and exit point in the studio for service visitors.

All personnel and teachers of communication program, comply with the announcement of Walailak University, determining disease control areas and surveillance measures to prevent and control the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) in the area of ​​Walailak University, to be in the public interest in public health and to prevent health hazards of personnel, students and visitors in the area of ​​Walailak University, strictly.

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