Software Engineering Program progress project exam using Zoom Meeting

On 8 April 2020, Software Engineering Program, School of Informatics, Walailak University, there has been a progress exam for Senior Project in Software Engineering 2 of the 4th year students. Lecturer of Software Engineering program is an examination committee. For this exam, to track progress project using Zoom Meeting.

The Software Engineering Program has designed a study plan by requiring 4th year students to work on the senior project after completing cooperative education at the workplace. In the course, the senior project is divided into 2 semesters. In each semester, there will be two progress examinations with lecturers being committees. The project will have product owner from the company or those who are related to software to provide the requirement and lecturer be a consultant in each project. These allow students to work on a real situation and have experience.

This teaching and learning process allowed students in software engineering program to have true knowledge, ability, and skills in software development. Moreover, all students get a job after graduation within 1 year.

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