Students of TV, Communication Arts, close the course of the drama, the ending is complete.

Communication Arts students, third year, close the course of the advanced radio and television production, Opening the show of the General Executive Director Kantana Movie Town Co., Ltd.

After the closing of the filming of the drama “Promise” and “Turning Point” that has been through the process from plotting, writing scripts, casting, finding locations, directing, directing, shooting, editing and various production processes, until the conclusion of the study by opening a presentation in the classroom which was honored by Ajarn Not Punchaisri, General Executive Director Kantana Movie Town Co., Ltd., in charge of the production of dramas of the company together with the position of a drama director and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Media Production, Kantana Institute and Special Lecturer in Television Drama Production come help comment on the drama share experiences with students.

In addition, students will be able to do and learn step by themselves, practice experience both principles and procedures for producing infotainment programs and dramas in radio and television media also learn from the work that they produce and gain knowledge from people with direct experience in the media industry as well.


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