The 2nd Seminar Course of Software Engineering Program, Walailak University

The 2nd Seminar Course of Software Engineering Program, Walailak University. This seminar used Microsoft Team with online presentation. On 21st April 2020, the 3rd year students in software engineering program organized the 2nd academic seminar course. This seminar was organized online using Microsoft Team.

The seminar was encouraged the 3rd year students to research and study the tools or programming languages used in cooperative education.
The topics were:
1. Mobile application development with Flutter
2. Message Queuing Protocol RabbitMQ
3. Mobile application development with React Native
4. Web application using Laravel Framework
5. Web application development using C#, Visual Studio 2017 6. Web application development using MongoDB, ASP.NET Framework

From organizing seminars using various learning tools, studying the actual location and designing the projects received from actual use.
New graduates can work, so students of the Software Engineering course have real knowledge and skills in software development.

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