The Big Data project of the 3rd year Software Engineering students in SWE60-346 Big Data and Data Center Automation course.

Software Engineering Program, School of Informatics, Walailak University has organized a course for Big Data and Data Center Automation by Asst.Prof.Dr. Putthiporn Thanathamathee and Mr. Prateep Kongkla. The objective of this course about Enterprise architecture; big data concept; Map-reduced concept; big data architecture; big data analysis; data center automation overview; data center types; on-premise data center, data center virtualization, data center automation; components and infrastructure; data center standards; data center design principle; data center orchestration; data center management.

Recommendation engines are based on data science models that used to automatically recommend services, products, and contents for customers. It is mostly used on web-sites. Such as a web-site for online shopping, watching movies, listening to music or even a dating website.

Recommendation engines are considered a significant competitive advantage for these websites. People who want to make a website a successful startup should think of recommendation engines first. For example, if a movie website can suggest movies that are satisfy for users. So they will feel this website is great!!! There are only movies that customers love and want to watch. That make the users come back to this website again.

From the questionnaire after the students finished this course. The students receive the knowledge about Big Data, How to analyze the big data on cloud and make that data into valuable information for the business. By learning in this course, students have actually learned and do real work with big data

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