A second-year student in the Digital Technology in Medicine program conducting research on humans as part of the Innovative Project course.

On March 18th, 2024, second-year students in the Digital Technology in Medicine program ventured to collect images at the Medical Center Hospital of Walailak University. They aimed to gather data for research on humans under the topic “Assessing Blood Thickness Levels through Smartphone Photography Using Artificial Intelligence.” This topic holds significance in the development of medical technology and healthcare, especially in scenarios where access to medical services might be limited. Utilizing digital technology for health assessment presents an intriguing avenue, offering increased convenience and reduced delays in medical care, ultimately contributing to lowered healthcare costs.

The research proposal involves utilizing smartphone photography coupled with artificial intelligence to assess blood thickness levels. This includes developing an application capable of assessing Complete Blood Count (CBC) values, enabling users to perform assessments anytime, anywhere without the need for medical check-ups.

The project team, comprised of second-year students from the Digital Technology in Medicine program, includes:
1. Mr. Phuwadol Nuumnim
2. Miss Kultida Kongsuks
3. Miss Ladaduang Jaroenkham
4. Miss Panadda Sutthikead
5. Miss Nerrisa Usama
6. Miss Jaruwann Daengsoad

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Dr. Wararee Sariyuthakrai, a faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine, who serves as the project supervisor, providing guidance and advice to the students.

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